Healesville Freeway Reserve

Latest News on the ‘Consultation’ Process for the Future Development of the Healesville
Freeway Reserve
The community stakeholders have finally been informed that the three VicRoads
development options for the ex-freeway land will be made available for public
consultation later in November, eight months after the VicRoads-scheduled release date
and right in the busy period leading up to Christmas.

Furthermore, and underlining their contempt for the process, VicRoads will be releasing
the three options on 25 November and the public consultation workshops will commence
the next day!  This means that community stakeholders and individuals have one day to
examine the options, assess the pros and cons for each and make an informed decision
about their preferred option.

If VicRoads required eight months to come up with the development options then the
community must be given at least a month to examine and assess them before attending
the public workshops.   So much for consultation and no wonder the community is cynical
about this sham process managed by VicRoads and the State Government.

To read about the highly successful community day held in May 2013, please refer to the article in the Newsletter November 2013

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