1 Lake Road Blackburn

For a number of months now a ‘no-mow’ zone has been established on a section of the
land at 1 Lake Road, the purpose being to observe which plants ‘pop-up’ on the site.
The results so far have been astounding!  There is a 400 square metre swathe of Kangaroo
Grass in the northwestern section as well as many Chocolate Lilies, a number of species of
Wallaby Grass are starting to flower and other indigenous forbs, grasses and tufties are

As previously announced, Central Ward Councillor Denise Massoud was successful in
securing $100,000 for new works on the land in the 2013-14 budget.  The Tree Society committee is currently lobbying Council to conduct a botanical survey of
the land in spring and late summer to help quantify the extent and diversity of the
indigenous plants on site.

The Friends of Blackburn Lake Sanctuary have been weeding in the no-mow area for
some months now with great results.  Weeding activities occur every second Wednesday –
thanks to all workers including Anne Payne, Peter & Su Dempsey and Mary Crouch for their
hard work at 1 Lake Road.

Interested in reading more? Click here for a full copy of the  Newsletter November 2013

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