Blackburn and District Environment Protection Fund

This Fund is sponsored by the Tree Society

  • Fund committee members recently visited Kingswood College Junior School to view the indigenous planting activities carried out by Grade 4 students during 2013. The school was a recipient of a cash grant for an environmental project from the fund. The grant money was used to purchase 300 indigenous plants that were planted in mulched beds under existing indigenous eucalypts in the school grounds. To the credit of the school and students only a handful of plants were lost over the harsh summer period. The BDEPF committee has provided Kingswood College with another grant to continue the planting program during 2014-15.
  • The fund has been directly involved with the Healesville Freeway Reservation (HFR) campaign with over $2,000 in donations targeted for this purpose being deposited in the fund so far. Donors can claim donations as a tax deduction and the money has been used for printing leaflets and posters, preparing banners, hiring equipment for the upcoming Community Action Day (see elsewhere in this newsletter) and funding a professional flora survey of the reserve. If you wish to make a donation specifically for the HFR campaign see methods for donating listed below (and make it clear that your donation is specifically targeted to the HFR campaign).
  • The fund’s new web-site address is
  • Donations can be made to the fund by:

o      Completing and sending a cheque to the fund at the following address:

BDEPF, PO Box 210, Blackburn, VIC 3130

o      Making an on-line donation at

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