Planning Permit Application for the Retirement Village Complex

As of early March 2014 a decision has yet to be made by Whitehorse council on the fate of the permit application for 131-173 Central Road Nunawading.

The owners want to build seven multi-storey buildings containing 151 residential units, an auditorium, café and shop with associated road, path, fence and car park construction. The site is one of the most important natural sites in private ownership within Whitehorse. So much so that it has an Environmental Significance Overlay and a Significant Landscape Overlay protecting the endangered and rare Valley Heathy Forest on the land.

All-in-all over 80 trees, mostly indigenous, will be destroyed to make way for the development if the permit is granted.

The tree society committee has compiled a list detailing the important features of the trees to be removed (including species, height, canopy and trunk diameters, habitat value, worthy of retention rating and location on the site) and we can only conclude that over 75% of these indigenous trees must be retained! The only reason for destroying them is that they are sited on the massive building footprint for the proposed development.

These trees have been dismissed as ‘scattered trees’ by both the proponents and the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI). We think they are far more important than this crude description and deserve to be fought for, saved and protected.

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