March Meeting Snippets

Snippets from the March 2014 Tree Society committee meeting Minutes.

The Tree Society committee welcomed Councillor Massoud from Whitehorse Council
to the March meeting and a 45-minute discussion ensued on a wide range of topics
• A proposed meeting with Council Officers to provide further protection of trees in
• Raising the possibility of increasing the fines for unlawful vegetation removal by
developers and residents
• Novel methods to measure/map the city’s tree canopy via satellite digital
imaging/aerial photography
• Increasing the density of nature strip trees and vegetation in higher density
housing areas
• The importance of the council’s Tree Education Officer within the Planning
• Council’s Public Open Space Reserve fund -how much is in it and how is it spent
(with particular reference to the purchase of strategic parcels of land in
• Is the community getting full value from developer contributions to the Open
Space Reserve fund?
• Placing more realistic economic values on trees in terms of their amenity, habitat
and Carbon-storage capacity.

Tree Society Membership Survey
The membership is currently being surveyed on issues related to the society’s
business. Closing date for return of completed surveys (either hard copy or via on-line
survey) is mid-April 2014.

Tree Society 50-Year History
There is slow progress but most major topics and issues have now been summarised
and suitable photos, notices, and newspaper articles chosen.

Planning issues
Current planning issues include:
• 104 Main Street refused by council
• 3 Windermere Court issue: Mary crouch has investigated the removal of
vegetation and handed the matter onto council Local Laws Officers.
• St. Leo’s site: Mary Crouch raised the issue of a proposed development on this
• Junction Road has gone to VCAT.
• Sparks Reserve issue: Master Plan required.

Next meeting: The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, 14 May
2014 at Bungalook Nursery from 3.00-5.00 p.m.
All Members are welcome to attend!


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