Save our vegetation campaign

Stop Press!

The Tree Society committee has initiated a campaign to help combat the accelerated tree and
vegetation loss in Whitehorse, along with associated ‘moonscaping’ practices and over-
development.  We are planning to leaflet areas currently being over-developed or have that
potential, including those precincts now zoned Residential 1 that have been recommended to
become Neighbourhood Residential/Limited Change in July via Amendment C160 to the
Whitehorse Planning Scheme. We would also include residential areas around (and within)
Significant Landscape Overlay zones and those bordering parks in the city.
There are a number of ways you can help:

Write letters, send emails or telephone and speak to Whitehorse Councillors on this issue. Their
contact details can be found on the Whitehorse Council website at
• Help organise and implement the campaign e.g. writing Media Releases, writing to State
politicians, organising volunteers or delivering leaflets. For further information please contact
David Berry on 9890 7915 or
• Make a donation to help pay for printing to support the leafleting campaign. Donations can be
made via the Tree Society-sponsored Blackburn & District Environment Protection Fund by:
o Completing and sending a cheque to the fund at BDEPF, PO Box 210, Blackburn, VIC
3130 or
o Making an on-line donation at
NB: When making a donation on this issue please make sure you state that you want
the money used to pay for the ‘Vegetation Loss in Whitehorse’ Campaign.
The fund’s web-site address is

Read more articles in the June Newsletter

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