Vale Liz Henry

(David Berry August 2014)

Farewell Liz – It is indeed a sad time for your family and all your friends and colleagues.

Liz loved many things but a few stand out (in no particular order):

  • Cricket
  • The Australian Broadcasting Company (the ABC or ʻAuntieʼ)
  • Her pet cats to whom she was a loving and faithful retainer
  • Her ʻspiritualʼ home at Skenes Creek • The Essendon football club and
  • Her passionate advocacy for the natural environment.

Liz also possessed beautifully crafted handwriting skills as evidenced in the many reports she submitted as Bungalook Nursery Coordinator, a position she held with distinction for over 20 years.

Liz was also actively involved in numerous community organisations primarily focused on the protection and enhancement of the natural landscape within Whitehorse.

I have had the privilege of working with Liz on many of these committees including:

  • The Whitehorse Community Indigenous Plant Project/Bungalook indigenous plant nursery
  • The Blackburn and District Tree Preservation Society (over 12 years)
  • The Wurundjeri Walk Advisory Committee (over 12 years)

Liz also served on the Wandinong Sanctuary Advisory Committee and the Indigenous Flora and Fauna Association Committee as a responsible, conscientious and hard-working representative for many years.

Liz possessed many admirable qualities including:

  • A passionate advocacy for the natural environment of Whitehorse
  • An enviably high level of botanical expertise
  • A sound understanding of plant nursery production techniques
  • Excellent plant identification skills
  • A thorough knowledge of seed collection techniques
  • Expert weed Identification and weed management skills

Liz was also a frequent contributor of topical articles to various newsletters and other publications and was always vigilant and responsive to those development proposals that threatened the natural environment in Whitehorse.

Liz was a highly valued committee member and volunteer whose personality, skills and experience will be sadly missed in the Whitehorse (and larger) communities.

Goodbye Liz – and thank you from all your ʻenvironmentalʼ friends and the Whitehorse community.

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