Newsletter March 2016

Whitehorse is Being Cleared of Trees by the Big Boys!

A new phase of tree and vegetation clearing has been occurring in Whitehorse over the past few years, in direct opposition to the seemingly futile attempts by the community and Whitehorse Council to keep our city ‘Green and Leafy’! What makes this sad state of affairs worse is that currently developers and residents are not the main perpetrators of this tree and vegetation loss.

The main culprits have been (or will be) Whitehorse Council and State Government Authorities clearing large stands of trees and vegetation for ‘public works’, including shared use paths and railway crossing removals. These have been, or will be, carried out in Whitehorse with little consultation with the community, or prior knowledge of the potential impacts.

In addition recent VCAT decisions have gone against Whitehorse Council and community groups’ endeavours to try and retain the city’s tree canopy by preventing excessive tree loss on private property.

Read this and more here

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