Environment Protection Fund

The Blackburn and District Environment Protection Fund (B&DEPF)


The fund, sponsored by the Tree Society, provides financial and advocacy support for a wide range of worthy environmental ‘on-ground’ and educational activities in Whitehorse.

To achieve these objectives it needs financial support from the community.

Here are a number of ideas whereby you can make a positive, targeted financial contribution in support of specific environmental initiatives managed by the tree society.

Please note that all donations are tax deductible.

The Healesville Freeway Reserve Renewal Project – the ex-freeway land in Forest Hill and Vermont South is in danger of being developed as medium-density residential housing resulting in the destruction of endangered and scarce Valley Heathy Forest remnant vegetation and posing a direct threat to the integrity and future of Bellbird Dell which is one of Whitehorse’s finest bushland parks.

What your donation can achieve

It will add to a fighting fund to assist the Friends of Healesville Reserve in the protection of this valuable reserve and keep it as public open space e.g. leafleting 2,000 residences around Bellbird Dell will cost $400; leafleting residences around the entire 36-hectare reserve will cost $2,000.

Plant Indigenous bookletrevision and production of the third edition of the Society’s booklet Plant Indigenous. We have only a handful of copies left of the 2nd edition that was published in the early 2000’s and is in need of editing and re-formatting.

What your donation can achieve

$3,500 is required to revise and print 500 copies of the third edition of the Plant Indigenous booklet as well as create and lodge an electronic copy on the Tree Society website.

The ‘Eight Blocks’ Initiative at 1 Lake Road adjoining Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

What your donation can achieve

$15 will purchase 10 indigenous plants for the site; $150 will purchase 100 plants; $35 will purchase 1 cubic metre of mulch – we probably need 50 cubic metres or more to establish planting beds along the southern boundary of the land.

Continuation of the fund’s successful Small Grants Environmental program in 2014.

What your donation can achieve

Since the program’s inception in 2011-12 a total of fifteen Whitehorse community organisations have each received up to $500 for environmental works.

$500 buys over 300 indigenous plants. Other groups spent $100 on gardening tools and equipment and an environmental organisation planned and conducted a successful workshop on birds (educational materials cost $500).

Tax-deductible donations can be made via a cheque to B&DEPF posted to PO Box 210 Blackburn, VIC 3130 with personal details so we can send you a receipt OR a donation can be made online at:            http://www.givenow.com.au/cause1518


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