Planting Activities

25 Holland Road Blackburn South

Planting in Residential Gardens March 2018 project update: The tree society has completed six site inspections and developed planting plans for the properties. Over one hundred plants have been ordered for planting in the gardens of four of these properties in autumn/winter of this year. The plants for two of the properties were planted in late spring last year. The planting of fifty indigenous and native plants, including fourteen trees, in the southern garden border of the Chinese Church, will provide the largest impact. The church shares a long boundary with 25 Holland Road.

June 2018 project update: Over 60 small trees and shrubs have been planted in 5 properties surrounding 25 Holland Road.

As of October 2018 representatives from the adjacent Chinese Church have not reported back regarding the planting of fifty plants in the church grounds primarily along the fence-line with 25 Holland Road. Therefore only ~ $200 of the original $500 B&DEPF grant has been expended. Alternative lines of communication with the Chinese church hierarchy are being explored with the hope that the full grant allocation can be expended on plants for the church grounds, to be planted in autumn 2019.


Grace Tomlinson planting her plants at 48 Gissing Street Blackburn South in May 2018.

Email extract (14 September 2018) from Grace Tomlinson. Twenty plants were planted in the rear garden abutting 25 Holland Road as part of the grant: Hi David, thought you might like to see the first bloom of the young wattle! All the donated plants have survived and begun to flower in their season. Lovely to see them grow!! Thanks again for your help.

gold-dust wattle

Gold-dust Wattle (Acacia acinacea)


Neville Miles.png

Neville Miles (5 Constance Street) tidying up after planting 20+ indigenous trees and shrubs in his back garden abutting 25 Holland Road – May 2018

Please note that an interim report on this project was submitted to the Fund in November 2017.

Masons Road Reserve Blackburn

19 May 2018 – Fifteen volunteers planted 140 indigenous plants suited to boggy conditions in the pond near Lagoona Court and Masons Road (now known as the ‘Lagoona Pond’). The plants were sourced from WCIPP Bungalook nursery via an environmental grant from the Blackburn and District Environment Protection Fund. David Berry and Mary Crouch provided the planting tools and Mary Crouch and Dianne Tribe provided morning-tea.

30 June 2018 – Twelve people planted 70 plants in and around the ‘Lagoona’ pond and along the garden border to the south of the reserve between Lagoona Court and the levee bank of the retarding basin.

In conclusion a total of 510 indigenous plants were planted in three activities (including the initial August 2017 activity).

An interim report was submitted in November 2017.


Lagoona Pond post May 2018 planting activity